Mark's background has always been in Art and Design, from a young age filling sketch books with horrific creatures, drawing monsters on desks at school to designing sets and props for movies. It's what he loves to do!

Growing up in a family of sci-fi and horror fanatics, Mark very quickly discovered a passion for film and movie monsters. From Clash of the Titans to Jason and the Argonauts, King Kong to Godzilla, Werewolves to Vampires, Aliens to Predator, the list is endless and have all had a massive influence on his life.   

Mark finally got the opportunity to work in movies whilst studying his masters degree in Production Design at the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield. Whilst at the film school, Mark worked on a variety of projects from large Hollywood blockbusters to short independent films. On graduating Mark went on to write, produce and direct a number of his own short films, two of which entered the film festival circuit and won numerous awards, including best short film for 'When I Stand On The Moon' at the Puerto Rico Film Festival and best horror and best director for 'Belly of the Wolf' at the prestigious British Horror Film Festival. 

"My time spent making movies has sparked and unearthed my passion for creating monsters and designing characters...I feel like I have come full circle in my life and finally found my true calling"